Monday, November 2, 2009

1000 Blessings List

Hey there one and all.... What a fabulous fall day I am having! The colors are changing, the raking is almost done, the wind is blowing, the sky is clear, and I am done with geometry for the day! As I mentioned earlier on in my blog, I am doing 1000 Blessings and thought I would share it with you! If you want to check out A Holy Experience blog, click here!

1000 Blessings 1. Jesus Christ saving me by dying on the cross for my sin and rising again on the third day 2. The Bible 3. Mom 4. Dad 5. my sisters, L and M

6. my brother, R 7. my warm house 8. a bed to sleep on 9. living in the United States where I am free to worship my God and have many freedoms that my brothers and sisters throughout the world don’t 10. my grandparents: Granny and Grandpa, Mamo and Papa

11. my cousins: Kylie, Isaac, Jayden, and Tanner 12. my aunts and uncles: Shannon and Derek, Noelle and Doug 13. Betsy, Tim, and Josie 14. Jon, Lisa, Kelsey, and Nick 15. Hannah L 16. Hannah S 17. Becca T 18. Cross of Glory 19. the fall colors on a cool day 20. books by Joan Bauer to make me laugh 21. the food I am blessed with every day 22. cell phone 23. a computer that works 24. homemade apple crisp

25. hot chocolate 26. the kitchen table- where I don’t have to eat on the floor 27. being home schooled 28. the birds that sing outside our windows even on mornings where it is cold and rainy 29. Jesus Christ coming to the world 30. the locks on our front doors 31. talking to our mailman, Steve 32. watching my siblings romp in the leaves on a gorgeous day 33. my brother in his blue hat with the pom-pom on top 34. books that teach me about those in the past 35. frozen Milky Way Midnights 36. Christmas Eve with my family 37. It’s a Wonderful Life 38. dancing in the living room with my family 39. our dog Kira in her orange bandana 40. doctors and nurses who are ready to help us when we are sick 41. camping out in the woods with my dad 42. going to coffee shops and bookstores with my mom 43. staying up late reading and discussing deep topics with Lily 44. Pastor Justin 45. Pastor Jon 46. being bilingual- English and Spanish 47. driving Papa’s F-250 on the back roads 48. listening to R sing “Jesus Loves Me” at the top of his lungs while wearing L's cowboy hat 49. watching my two talented sisters perform dances in church 50. seeing God move in my friend’s lives on a mission trip to Philadelphia 51. to see history in the making all the time 52. M doing stand-up comedy in our kitchen 53. hangers to hang my clothes on 54. a rake to clean up my yard 55. R sitting at the table, and when asked his name proclaiming for the first time 56. bookshelves to hold my favorite treasures 57. a mini van that fits our whole family 58. sisters to be my best friends for life 59. a printer to make my thoughts come to life 60. warm winter clothes 61. that my family loves me no matter what 62. pens to do my school with 63. fuzzy socks on cold days 64. car road-mats to entertain my siblings with 65. a chair to sit on 66. school 67. a fireplace in the basement 68. hayrides with the youth group 69. s’mores

I will be posting more as they come to me...

Blessings in Christ!

Kaye Ann