Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall is coming...

School has started over here with much to do.
Planners ruffling, math sheets flying, and letters on the fridge.
Fall has almost arrived.

and the apples are in!
we went up to our favorite apple stand
and there they were!
Thinking of Mamo and Grandma E as we walked around.
The fresh tangy scent in the air.
Baskets and baskets of sweet sticky smiles to come.
we sampled all of them:
red baron, minjo, lakeland, paula red, zestar
all lined up ready to be sliced and shared.
Little man's eyes big with the sight of it all.
The big red bus loaded with bags of straight-from-the-trees and seconds for apple pie and apple sauce.

And who could resist eating a few on the ride home?

Blessings to you as God turns the calendar to the fleeting months of fall!
(kaye ann silver)