Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A funny story

Honestly, for the last few weeks I’ve been wondering what to write about. I didn’t really have much to say, so I stayed away from blogging and kind of enjoyed the quiet of just one photo, a few words, and counting blessings over  here. 

But now I have a story to tell.

A funny one.


So I was at work the other day, and we were busy (which is a good thing!) and as I bounced all over the store, the phone rang. I noticed that they were busy everywhere else so I grabbed it.

Did the typical greeting, “how can I help you” and all that.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?” comes the nearly shouted question from the other side of the phone. I gather it’s a sweet older lady.

I repeat the greeting and a bit louder ask “How can I help you?”


Nearly shouting now, I ask again if there is anything I can help her with.


“Do you know what kind you need, ma’am?”

Again, “WHAT?”

“Do you know what kind you need?” 


Okay, now I really am yelling into the phone, and everyone at the counter is just laughing at me, because they know this is how it goes sometimes. Finally, she says, “Oh! I need two 13’s!”

I am searching my mental filing system. I can’t think of any batteries that are 213s.

I just say that yes, we will look and see if we have them and put them on hold for her about 4 times.

She says thank you and hangs up, and I’m off to look for 213’s.

After looking around and not finding them, I get an idea.

She need two 13s. Not 213s.

I head to the back counter and what do you know?

There they are.

13’s are a hearing aid battery.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Untitled Poem

He beckoned to us

Called to all our hearts

“Come and Dance”

He called.

The trees along the edge


Lifeguards of the lakeshore.

My toes, hesitant at first,


Walked the shores.

My mind danced

Sensations of joy

Shivering down my summer arms.

We splashed,

Dancing in the last light

As flickers of stars laughed,

Music in the heavens.

The sound the waves of the shore

Crashing, brilliant grace.

The moon was our face

Shining glory

To the Creator of

The Day.