Monday, November 30, 2009

1000 Blessings List #5

We decorated the tree this weekend and had a blast doing it too! We have these glasses that make the lights on the Christmas tree look like snowflakes, angels, and santa's face. They're pretty cool. Here's me and my sisters.... the super... I can't think of a fun name right now... and my mom in the back... 155. fun glasses that change christmas lights on the tree... 156. poems by Jack Prelutsky 157. the dancing hamster that sings jingle bells 158. candy canes 159. the smell of pine trees 160. mashed potatoes and gravy at Granny's 161. a water crock that has a full five gallon jug of water on it 162. the Little Britches books by Ralph Moody 163. Dad reading out loud to us at night 164. the stockings made my aunt Gin in Iowa hanging on the fireplace 165. Shrek The Halls movie 166. It's a Wonderful Life movie 167. Jane Austen Novels Kaye~*~*~