Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1000 Blessings List #3

Hello there...
I am once again going to bombard you with things from my blessings list...
101. my camera 102. Geometry... even though I think its boring... 103. good eyesight 104. R running around in his blue hat with the pompom 105. Kleenex 106. grilled cheese and pickles 107. M’s sense of humor 108. the speaker in our living room that has its volume adjuster knob missing 109. ladybugs 110. trees to climb 111. sledding 112. skiing at Highland and Spirit Mt. with my dad 113. the fence around our backyard 114. beautiful gardens that my mom works so hard in 115. leaf piles to jump into 116. food to share with friends 117. that one day when we had Granny, Grandpa, Mrs. P, Doug, Kylie, Josie, Zee, Isaac, and us five all in and out of our small house; mom running all over; thinking of installing a revolving door; painting rooms; talking about a bathroom; having our living room overflowing with stuff that was out of my mom and dad’s room while we were painting; Mt. Dew being served; lemonade everywhere; chips and pretzel bags being tossed to people; WHAT A BLAST!!! 118. family and friends that are willing to help us out when we need it 119. warm sunshine after a month of clouds and rain 120. sunsets over the lake 121. picnics at the Lake H 122. happy Saturdays when all we do is sit around and talk at the table 123. playing baseball in Granny and Grandpa’s backyard for what seemed like 2 minutes but was really 3 hours 124. dinner on the patio 125. warm spring nights with no mosquitoes 126. quesadillas and chips after church on Sunday 127. Friday night movie and pizza in the basement 128. my dad saying we’ll only watch half of the Lord of the Rings, but then staying up until 1:30 a.m. watching the whole thing 129. homemade buttered popcorn 130. NASCAR 131. angels 132. laying on our backs watching stars late at night 133. seeing the stripe of the Milky Way 134. Michaels craft stores 135. going into Michaels close to Christmas to watch and listen to those little towns that they set up that are made of porcelain, and the people move on some of them, and just being so happy just to do that 136. quilting with Mamo in the loft on cool summer days 137. Mamo Camp!!! Racing, ATVing, going to the farm, pontooning, quilting, working in the woodshop, driving Papa’s truck, and having campfires after dinner that last until 9:30 pm 138. small group at church with Julianna 139. warm M&M cookies!
I know that it is a lot to read, but I really enjoy doing this!
Thanks for reading it!