Friday, March 22, 2013


My oh my it is spring already. Yes, I know it feels nothing like it at the moment for those of us dwelling in the land of perpetual winter, but it’s here! And with spring comes all the wonderful things such as dirt and flowers, farm animal babies, and Resurrection Day…

Here’s just a snapshot of some spring happenings over here…


my sweet sister Lillie turned 16 this past week… what a beautiful day it was! She so loved the encouraging words of her friends, laughter, food, and simple graces that were shown to her throughout her special day… and I am totally loving her green headphones…



the 5 chickens whose Chicken Mama takes such egg-cellent care of them are doing fabulously. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying the 5 eggs a day, and now cannot imagine life without our fabulous girls.

I am so thrilled to announce that we’ve recently added 2 more feathered foul to our happy homestead…


Yes, I am ever so slightly in love with these two ducks.

They’re names are Puddle and Ginger, and we absolutely adore them. We think that Ginger (yellow) will be your standard white duck with the orange bill, but Puddle (brown) is a mystery, though we are pretty sure she’s either a Mallard or a Rouen (Ruen? Roun? Something like that… :) )


I launched a photography site this winter to help keep my portfolio “out there” and so far so good! I am simply excited to have taken 1 more step.


What’s been happening around your home lately?