Saturday, December 31, 2011


“God is the God of our yesterdays. It is true that we have lost opportunities that will never return, but God can transform this destructive anxiety into a constructive thoughtfulness for the future. Let the past rest, but let it rest in the sweet embrace of Christ. Leave the broken, irreversible past in His hands, and step out into the invincible future with Him.”

-Oswald Chambers, “My Utmost for His Highest”, Yesterday


Friday, December 30, 2011

a happy new year


blessings abound as 2012 comes around!

have a joy-filled new year, friends!


Thursday, December 29, 2011


one picture for each month…













this year…

January: we prepared to move into our new house in the country and enjoyed a Wild game- woo hoo!- even though they lost :)

February: we moved!

March: we made aprons after filling our living room with sewing machines

April: I started my first job and we explored outside- learning to love this land…

May: school’s out! We headed up north to help plant flowers for our dear friend Lorsey with the cousins. Summer is here!

June: We (tried) to “be still and know” but ended up working, at camp, and just enjoying summer in general :)

July: Hard-core play practice kicked in as we got ready to do “The Hiding Place”- the highlight of our entire summer!

August: Mamo Camp! And the performance of the play the week after! What a great month!

September: Back to the kitchen table for school. :) We also went canoeing in our pond- yeah! Love having a pond out back…

October: We ventured out to K Farm with Granny and Grandpa- too much fun!

November: Hay bale moving and school, a few trips north and thanksgiving!

December: Christmas! Party at the L family’s, party over here, and just general joy as we enjoyed the season of the birth of our savior.


I’m looking forward to another year over here- blessings and joy this new years!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three Days ‘Til Christmas

Sorry about the silence over this way, folks.

Here’s a quick update:

a week during the Christmas season at a glance, if you will ;)

First, DSC06639

a holiday party for work. Had a blast, ate appetizers, played Catchphrase, and chatted with family. Way too much fun!


Monday brought about a choir rehearsal- after driving in the fog (shiver)- and work… (can I tell you just how grateful I am to have a job? God is so good!)


Tuesday was a party with 50 (yes, 50!) girls at my dear friend’s house. What a blessing! Dancing, dresses, tea, and lots of glory to God. What a great day… Thanks for hosting, L family- you are all such a blessing!

PS- Longer post later :)


Wednesday was “Ding Dong(ing) Merrily on High” with the church youth group. Again, we had a blast despite the hard rain at points. And there was a great turn-out for our small church. Gotta love bell ringing…




Thursday was our party day! What a blast it was to have 19 young ladies, ages from 23 to 7, in our house. Loved seeing all of them and being able to just sit and talk. Praise God for the great time we had! (and many thank you’s to S for all the pictures!)


And Friday… we slept. :) And I just had to put this picture in because really, have you ever seen a cuter nativity scene? Z as the shepherd, R as the Little Drummer Boy, M as Joseph and L as Mary. And the dog? She was a sheep.


Merry (Early) Christmas!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Dancing Today…

went out with the camera for a few minutes, then decided that the wind-chill really was as low as they were saying, and came back in. :) Ah… winter in the north…

dancing to this in the living room- love it…

Tuesday, December 6, 2011



The camera is back from Haiti.


I am silently cheering…

can’t wait to start clicking pictures again…

Monday, December 5, 2011

To Work Here

The good,

the bad,

and the blessings.

Two entries per category. You ready?

First- the good.

-Laughing all day because I was working with my favorite tech and pharmacist.

-Wrapping 20 gifts in an hour period after finding all the boxes in the basement.

Next- the bad.

-Wrapping 20 gifts in an hour period after finding all the boxes in the basement. :)

-being shouted at across the store to PLEASE try and go FASTER

And, finally- the blessings.

A cinnamon roll from the bakery downstairs, purchased by my mom. YUM.

A gentleman, who, during gift-wrapping rush hour, bought two chocolate Santa's, and after paying, slid one across the counter and said, “This one’s for you.”

made. my. day.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

What a Weird Day… (2)

Then we moved onto problems…

from not being able to locate several extremely important slips of paper to the register refusing to capture signatures.

I just had to keep laughing, because it really was very comical if you thought about it long enough.


Another thing I am learning is that when the people who only work ‘til 1 go home, a rush inevitably follows.

In that first hour after the 1 o clock folks went home, I

-wrapped 3 (large) gifts

-searched the aisles high and low for various items

-sold quite a few large things

-hung ornaments

-answered questions

-talked on the phone every 2 minutes

-checked people out left and right, running from the front to the back frequently.


we made good business that day, but as Wilma was to say later as she locked the door, “What a weird day…”

What a Weird Day… (1)

It all started with the questions.

“Where can I find…”

“Do you carry…”

“Why don’t you have…”

The first one I can understand- even I get lost in the store sometimes.

The second one sent me running back to Natasha to ask for directions

The third… well the third made me giggle, because if we don’t carry it, you don’t need it.

the watch shop

Yesterday as I was trying to get used to the new front counter set-up, a lady walked in with three watches.
Smiling, I asked if I could help her.
She smiled back, plunked the three watches down and said, “Could you change the batteries in these?”
Having just finished a play about Corrie ten Boom and her watch shop, I found this kind of funny.
First, I had no idea how to get the backs off, so I tried a razor blade and Pop! off they came.
The batteries all looked similar, but I wasn’t sure if they were different or not.
The lady who owned the watches was off looking around, so I tried to get the batteries out with my finger nail.
After about 6 tries per watch, they all bounced out and skittered across the counter.
I snatched them up before they could roll away and headed back to batteries.
And I stood there.
Watches are tricky.
There’s about 20 different batteries that could be used, all with the same packaging, just different numbers.
Finally, after discovering the right size (and being grateful that this size would work for all 3 watches) I headed back up front.
Popped the batteries in and the lady paid and left.
I leaned my elbows on the counter register that now faced the back door.
That’s us- a full service pharmacy and watch shop.

my name

I love my name.
I know that this name simply means “me”.
My parents knew what they were doing when they named me, when they knew that I would never be anything else.
And I love it.
But not too often does my name receive compliments.
Which is fine, it just had never really happened to me before.
So I was working one afternoon and was kind of done working.
Just wanted to head on home and call it a day.
Then in walks in this darling older lady named Mrs. Steeple.
I watched her walk slowly in, her make-up all done nicely, very red lipstick, her hands shaky on the counter.
Step down from the pharmacy, and I walk over to her, already liking her. I can just see that she has spunk.
She asks for a prescription, then says,
“Oh… I can never remember your hours. Could you tell me what time you are open?”
Her hand bounces a little as she reaches for her checkbook, and I just love her for her.
“Yes. That would be no problem. Why don’t I write them down for you?” I respond.
Her eyes glitter and she nods, “Thank you! That is so sweet of you.”
I just smile and write down the hours, check out her prescription.
She turns away slowly, then glances back, her eye catching my name tag.
“Oh..” she breathes slow. “You have a beautiful name.”
I stand up straight and smile, trying to beam my thanks to her in my smile and “Thank you, ma’am. I love it.”
She nods and says, “My, a beautiful name.” Then out the door she goes.
So thank you, Mrs. Steeple, for making my day and reminding me of why I love this job- because of people like you.
and telling me my name was beautiful.

Just call me Ms. GPS

We were working…
Well, the store was pretty quiet and I was standing in the pharmacy chatting with the techs and the pharmacist waiting for the phone to ring.
I hear the jingle of the back door bell, so I jump down and head over to the register.
A gal who looks really lost- like- REALLY lost-comes in.
“Excuse me,” she asks in a whispery voice. “Can you give me directions to the malls?”
I hear Patricia ask which ones.
“Oh… the ones…” she pulls out a newer looking road map and tries to open it without dropping her phone or purse.
I lean forward and ask if she means the outlet malls.
“Yes! Do you know how to get there?”
Well, I have to say that I was pretty excited.
Like, crazy excited.
I could tell her how to get there.
I was getting to know my area.
Very pleased, I walked her to the front for some paper to write down the directions.
She smiles slightly, sheepishly. “I ended up in Becker when I tried to follow the map.”
That’s like 30 minutes from the malls.
I smile, and slowly talk her through the turns and roads to use while writing them on a paper.
She thanked me and read the directions and walked out.
I walked back to the pharmacy a little taller.

Washing Windows

Last Saturday I worked 9 to 5.
A long day, but a good one.
I did a LOT that day, and I was very grateful.
I would much rather have a lot of work to do then stand around tapping my feet and flipping through catalogues.
At about 10:15, Wilma asked me in her sweet way if I could wash windows.
I agreed readily, and was anxious to get outdoors.
Nelle just shook her head. “Do you know what you just signed yourself up for?”
I just smile. Washing windows is one of the easiest jobs I could’ve been assigned.
I’ll take washing windows over going through the box room any day.
Wilma showed me where the bucket was, what soap to use, and, okay…
a really cool window washer squeegee that was basically a supersized model of the ones they have at gas stations.
I filled up my bucket, which was bigger than I thought :), and hauled it outside.
As soon as I opened the door, I wondered at the wisdom of my job choice.
It was warm, and the sun was beating down on the front windows pretty hard.
I shrugged and walked to the end of the stretch of windows to get started.
Any opportunity to get out today into the sunshine would be appreciated.
Bucket down, squeegee in, and I was off.
Up and down, up and down. Turn the handle to the rubber scraper, clean it off.
I did this for about 15 minutes, and was about half way done when I hear the “ding ding ding” of the railroad crossing arms.
Ignoring it, I kept going. I hear the train coming, see the cars stopped at the lights flashing.
The train conductor yanks on that horn,
and I jump about 6 feet straight up,
nearly dropping the squeegee on my head.
I laugh as it stops blaring, then grip the handle to start again.
This time it was only about 800 feet from where I was standing,
and I jump about 15 feet this time,
and I do drop the squeegee,
which lands on my skirt,
then on my sandals.
I can just here the car drivers in the street laughing.
And I have to admit that it would have been pretty funny to watch. ;)
I watch as the window hangings bounce and shake inside.
So the train passed, I stopped my hands from shaking and kept going.
Up and down.
Wipe it off.
About 45 minutes later, all the windows, doors, and windowsills are done, and I am warm, a little wet still from dropping the squeegee,
and thanking the Lord that our house doesn’t back onto a railroad track.


Today while I dusted shelves for Beatrice and priced necklaces, I counted trains.
Just to see how many went by in the 6 hours I was there.
The store is right across the street from an extremely busy train track.
And these trains don’t go slow either.
They fly.
How do I know?
Well, I see them.
And all the window decorations jingle when it goes by.
So while I was there today, I counted…
5 freight trains,
and 2 Northstar passenger trains.


Another first.
I had gone with Rebecca once before, her explaining very patient and me nodding alongside, trying so hard to remember everything she said.
That was two weeks ago.
Enter yesterday.
Me and Nelle working with Lizzy the pharmacist.
While walking out the door, someone calls back to us at the counter, “Don’t forget deliveries!”
I nod and start to turn back to stapling prescriptions when Nelle walks over.
“You signed up for deliveries, right?” she asks.
I freeze and stop, stapler midair. “No… I am still trying to get to know the neighborhood a little better before I do them.”
Lizzy walks over and stands behind Nelle. “Could you do them?” she asks. Nelle, eyes wide, shakes her head.
“I don’t have a car here today.”
Four eyes turn and look at me.
I start to shake my head, then realize that I am the only one who can do deliveries.
“We’ll help you!” They dive right in, pulling out the delivery basket and digging out the prescriptions with the addresses on them with me. I am so thankful but still nervous.
“Do you know where this is?” Lizzy asks, holding a large bag. I lean in to read the address.
A large assisted living complex on a lake about 3 miles away. I nod, remembering to just follow the highway right to it.
On to the next. I uncover a small bag with just the assisted living place’s name, no address.
I think hard, then remember that it is the sweet little house over the railroad tracks.
Nelle pulls out another. Another complex. I don’t remember quite where this one is.
Lizzy gives me very comprehensible directions that I totally can follow, and I move up to the register to check them in.
Four beeps later, I’m out the door.
“We close at 7!” Lizzy calls laughing, and I call back,
“I hope I make it in time!” laughing right along. I step outside,
And into the rain.
“Of course!” I laugh more and run to the minivan.
Fling in the basket, the folder, the money pouch, the pen, then start the car, and I leave.
First stop sign, I turn.
Freeze when I see it’s a dead end.
I stop, pray HARD, think HARD, and remember that to get onto the highway, I have to go up to where my church is.
Still getting used to the new area.
I arrive at the first stop, the one on the beautiful lake, a few minutes later. I smile to myself, deep breath.
The building smells of fresh flowers in the entry, and I climb the stairs to the second level. It is a gorgeous place.
Winding my way back, I find the apartment. I ring the bell.
No answer.
Wait, then ring one more time just in case she’s slow to get to the door.
Shrugging my shoulders, I head out the door.
It’s pouring.
Run to the car, hoping the folder will stay dry, and jump in.
I cruise on over to the second stop, the assisted living homes behind this complex.
Pull up to the curb, stop, and look in the basket for the prescriptions.
Start the car, drive BACK to the drug store, pick the prescriptions off of the counter, and back into the car to drive back to the house.
Grab the folder, pen, and prescription.
They are home! I drop their stuff off then I’m back in the car.
Two stoplights and a train track crossing later, I am thanking the Lord that all of these places are right off of the same highway.
I love this little house.
Flowers in the front and fun porch- I want to live here!
Grab everything and run up to the door. I see them playing cards- three beautiful ladies all dressed up in their earrings, their white hair all done up.
I knock and the nurse answers. We laugh at the rain, she signs for the perscriptions and I am again, back in the car.
Tired yet?
I was. :)
I get in, smile at the one last prescription and drive off.
Over the river and the railroad tracks, through the traffic heading north for the weekend, I am there.
I buzz at the entrance to the assisted living complex and she lets me in.
I groan at the sight of a four floor stair climb, but figure if I can run to and from the car three times in the rain, I should be ready for this.
Aching, my legs carry me all the way up, and I find her door.
I knock and a sweet “Come in!” calls.
I open the door and am hit by a wonderful smell- garlic, onions, beef frying, and tomatoes.
I smile at her, all busy in the tiny kitchen, apron on.
She grins sweet and explains that she is getting ready for her “memorial day feast!”
I say it smells so good I might have to come.
She laughs, “My family is coming to visit!”
I walk out the door, the scent of onions and garlic still following me.
I think, “If I get to see more people like her, and make them laugh- chat and just talk for a minute- share the love of Christ so simply with those I come in contact with- I‘ll gladly pay the extra in gas money.”
thankful to Him and Nelle and Lizzy for helping me,
I drive back to the drug store.
And the sun comes out.

the graduation card

It was getting late, and my feet were starting to get sore from standing for five hours.
Leaning up against the pharmacy counter, I was able to see who came in when the door chime sounded.
Eager for something to do, I wandered down to the register to see if the bags needed refilling.
The bell chimed, and I glanced up to see a couple around 50 years of age literally bursting through the door, laughter following them in.
Big smile on my face, I watched as they giggled and laughed their way through the store to the cards.
The man said something, then the lady said the same. Back and forth they went, her copying him. She was laughing so hard and her joy was so full that everyone within hearing range had to laugh too.
She smiled at him, her glasses filled with bright eyes. “Alright… that’s enough. We have to be there soon.”
Their laughter dies down to sniffles and snickers as the peruse the graduation cards- pink ones in particular.
The man opens up a pink card with flowers and out comes a LOUD song about the future and dreams.
The lady walks up, nods and smiles. “That’s one she’ll like, though I’m not sure her mom will.”
He hands the envelope with the card in it to her, turns the corner to the aisle with the picture frames. He picks one up, looks at it intently, sets it back. On to the next.
After a minute he stands back, satisfied, and hands his wife the frame. “A picture of her will look good in that.” I am seeing their granddaughter in her graduation robe, smiling at the opera card and the frame.
“Should we give her money?” He asks, worried. I smile, thinking of my grandpapa up north.
“No…” the lady smiles at him. “We never gave the other kids any money.” He sighs, consent, then smiles at her and walks up to where I am standing at the register.
“Just this today, miss.” He’s grinning so big. “We’ve got to be somewhere tonight.”
“Really?” I ask, smiling too. All I can think is that he is just like my grandpapa. “Where are you going?”
The lady walks up, all smiles and bright eyes again.
“It’s our granddaughter's pre-school graduation.”
As soon as the bag is in hand and they are chatting out the door, I laugh.
Too cute.

Phone Call #1

I was first introduced to this handy little tool on my second day on the job.
My friend Rebecca told me not to be nervous, and told me just to say “Good morning! Drug Store!” and let them finish off the rest.
Deep breath and I was ready to tackle the job, get it done, and do it right.
I prayed I wouldn’t sound as nervous as I felt when I picked up the receiver.
Rebecca let everyone in the pharmacy know that the next phone call was going to be picked up by me.
Smile and nod at the techs and pharmacist.
Deep breath.
Think about how you answer phones all the time at home.
So I stand back as the pharmacy and happenings spin around me.
Prescriptions filling, keys clacking away on the computer, the beep of the register.
Then the ring of the phone.
I know to let it go for one ring, then pick it up.
It rings once and I am there.
Receiver up, and I say steady, “Hello! Drug Store! How can I help you?”
A prescription refill.
I write out the name and numbers, slide it to the tech, and jump down from the pharmacy smiling.
It felt so cool.
I was floating.
Seemingly small accomplishment, I know, but it made me feel real good.
Breathe a prayer of thanks then it’s back to the register-
customers await!

The Inspiration

It started out with my first job.

Working at the little local, family owned pharmacy near where I live.

It became a laughter-filled, sore footed, crazy  adventure that I never expected.

There’s mazes, basket tests, quirky patients and goofy clerks.

Some stories I have are good, others might make you go “What does she mean by this?”

If it’s the latter, usually nothing other than to state and talk about what happened that day.

Well, laugh along, cause here come some stories.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Caution: Blogs Merging from the Right"

Dear Friends...

Over the next few days, I'll be merging this blog with my other blog Birdhouses and Bandaids. There will be lots of new posts as I add the ones from my other blog to this one. So, just know it will be about 14 posts coming into your inboxes :) .

If you subscribe to my other blog, please know that you are free to subscribe with this one as well! Just visit this link here, scroll down and it will be on the left hand side.

Thanks for understanding!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Vision Forum

Woo hoo!
Bargain alert!

Vision Forum is giving away $100, $200, and $300 Gift Certificates!
This is a great place to find lifechanging Christian books that are so incredibly relevant and cool!
Click at the link below to enter the give-away!



Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011



Have a happy turkey day!

Blessings and love to you all as we give thanks once again!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

oh the joy!



remembering the light milkweed at the farm this fall, and marveling at this-


the first snow!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17


Woke up to 15 degrees and sunny. I put my slippers on and sat in the sunshine to do “Hamlet” questions. It seems as though winter may have found us.


one thought thursday

to read more thoughts, click on over to habit… my inspiration… :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

just one photo


loving farms this friday…

blessings and joy to you today!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10


flurries in the skies, cold winds in the trees, hay bales to roll, and tractors everywhere.

it must be november.

Monday, November 7, 2011

November Orphan Awareness Month

Orphan Sunday 2011 from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

How will you respond?

-Orphan Sunday: declare, inform, take action

-Christian Alliance for Orphans: defend the cause of the fatherless

-Compassion International: release a child from poverty in Jesus’ name.

-Feed My Starving Children: feed the fatherless and destitute

-Adopt: Show Hope and Christian Alliance for Orphans

-World Vision: sponsor a child or buy them a much need goat, net, well…



(if you can’t see the video, click here…)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Have you ever heard the tale?

or known where heroes are?

Or heard of the valiant deeds

of the conquering Sir R?


With a sword of blue hue

he conquered the foes



and fought off the dragon

and stubbed all his toes.


He vanquished the dragon,

then made her a knight,




But the dragon wouldn’t do it,

and she started to fight.

Sir R sought the famer

to help to him to hide.


the farmer was Monkey,

a soccer ball at his side.


They ran to the barn

and rescued his pals

rode out the earthquake

when off the cliff they fell!


The dragon, Sir R said

would come and fight him!

So Sir R disappeared

and ran into the night then.


He goes by a name

that is funny but true:

Purple Fox Soccer Knight

is how he is known to you.


So now he travels

incognito, he moves

protecting the kingdom

never to lose.


(what a fun morning we had! off to be a train engineer! Have a great day!)

Kaye :)