Wednesday, September 19, 2012

dear jk


Here you are. Wow. It’s been a road, hasn’t it? But just wait a minute- before you hop on that school bus, trek through camp, and start that quilt, I’ve got a few pointers and helpful insights to help you down the road.

First, dear me at age 7, remember a little while ago on the playground? When you were racing Alex Smith to the swings? And you landed belly first on the swing and swung up and over and face planted the pavement? Yep. Remember how you were so mad about it when you parents thought it was funny? Take a breath and relax and know that you will laugh about this one day. You will. You will laugh long and hard. I promise.

And when you start seventh grade, don’t freak out. I know you’re new at being a believer in Christ and that it looks daunting. But breathe a little. Have fun. Enjoy those great plaid skirts while you’ve got the chance. (And oh! You will laugh one day about your hair style back then.)


While we’re on that topic, know that your hair is really pretty. Really. And leaving it down looks way better than trying to pull it tight- all you get is a frizz. Trust me on this one.

Just know that your sisters will become your best friends ever. And that right now, entering jr. high, you don’t have many good friends. Know that by the end of high school, you’ll have a social life so large school hardly fits- and that true, genuine friends, gifts from God, are right around the corner- literally. Your sisters totally ROCK. Even when they drive you nuts. Get to know ‘em.



And one day when you’re finished with high school (yes! You do actually make it!) you will realize just how important it was to start homeschooling (I heard that gasp- don’t freak out- God’s totally got this one, okay?).

Because when you are homeschooled, you’ll meet the people who become the friends to support you through life- true friends that are gifts from God. Believe me- the wait for friendship is SO worth it. Don’t take the first gal who walks through the door- be willing to wait for the people God’s got lined up for your life. It is WELL WORTH IT.


And I know you are still thinking about that word I mentioned (homeschooling! The thought!). Know that your sisters start doing it, and when you step out in a bit of a leap of faith into the unknown world of homeschool, God totally takes care of everything. He’s got you, girl.

Because the year you start homeschooling another crazy thing happens. This little dude with blue eyes steps into your family’s world and life takes off in a totally different direction.


That crazy thing called adoption- you know, the one your parents have been praying about- suddenly starts and boom! you have a little brother. And life gets crazy, time moves fast, and life, to be honest, gets pretty hard for that first few months of life with the boy. Because adjusting is hard- but know that through all of this, God teaches you a lot- like how much your parents love you. And how God is moving you in a different direction. And you know what? it’s OKAY.



Then you’ll move. And graduate. and and and…. there is so much more I’d like to tell you- to encourage you to learn NOW instead of later, but then I suppose I wouldn’t be where I am today. So you know what? Here’s my long letter summed up in a nutshell:

Trust God- not just a little, but totally and fully.

Love your family- they love you.

Be yourself. It’s okay to be yourself. Know that, okay?

And don’t ever ever ever cut your hair short again. :) Just sayin’.


In Christ,




linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky today as we write letters to ourselves as teens. And well, being a teen still, I decided to write this to myself through junior high. Emily is releasing a new book that I am reading and WOW is it powerful. It truly is. I totally encourage you to read it!

Graceful by Emily Freeman