Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another One to Make You Smile~

M has been singing this one for a week now...

and sometimes we join in with her!

Like today after lunch when we broke into all of the classics of kidhood,

"He owns everything from hot dogs on down... someday I'll be his wife! His little weenie wife! Oh how I love that hot dog ma-a-an!" (one of our personal favorites since we were 4...)

"Jesus is a friend of mine... I have a friend in Jesus... ZAP!" (so 80's...)

and this one which I am happy to share with you in the movie above,

"Moving right along in search of good times and good news...."

Smiling and singing at the top of our lungs,

Kaye, with L and M

Jesus is a Friend of Mine

What a hoot these guys are~

and the 80's outfits will make you smile too!

One of those songs that makes you laugh... and get it stuck in your head.

(if you get this post in an email, click here to see the video)

laughing with you,


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thousand Gifts: Part 3

pictures to come with this one…

#29-38 of the countless blessings…

the appraisal on the new house going well


fighter verses


pizza and laughter and Christmas with the W family

2 1/2 hours to get to the wild game


PSEO starting again

sleeping in on Sundays… the day of rest

ink in the printer


The Word

The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers

may the Lord bless you endlessly…

Kaye A. Silver

Thousand Gifts: Part 2

Then there was this house… this dear sweet house of ours… and I counted again….

I think I already posted these,

oh yes! Over here….

oh well…. counted and posted twice…



sticky light switches

grandpa E’s window boxes

grandpa Baker’s white shelves

remembering the blue and purple walls

remembering mom painting the kitchen while dad was on the canoe trip

remembering that little pink and purple room, flowers painted by mom and a sun by me, age 4

the great big gardens growing every summer, and mom’s care for them

fires in the real fireplace down stairs so hot that it heated the house

the christmas tree in front of the big window

the little chipped pieces on the sides of the cupboards

the entryway where you fall down the stairs or burn your arm on the stove

the big trees in the front

freeze tag in the backyard

(more to come….)

Thousand Blessings

This year will be the first year that I am going to name.

I was thinking about it, and praying, and this year will be the year of gratitude.

“Give thanks in all circumstances…”

It’s hard. I’ve come to realize that already.

Like the last nights of 2 am and my eyes open wide…

learning to give thanks in the dark when you are tired is hard.

And in the good things, too. Simply remembering to give thanks for them all this year.

So I’m starting over, counting endless blessings again.


1000 Blessings Recount….

The uncountable, continual blessing… #1 to #1001….

Christ… What you are… who you are… thank you….

. Awed by God at working in wondrous ways- finding us a new house!

surprised by foxes out front

anonymous gift card

R, L, M dancing around in cowboy hats

Betsy’s laugh in the living room

Mamo’s candle log in the fireplace

God’s clear guidance

Lightsabers and star wars reenactments

Packing boxes to move

Apollo 13 and Andy Griffith on New Year’s Eve with Dad

dreaming big about the big house

K’s Reepicheep moves

Christmas and Peace


(I’ve counted a lot, so there will be multiple posts under this title…)