Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1000 Blessings List Continued

Okay... here are my additions to the ever-growing list:

70. chickadees 71. watching my siblings play cars 72. chicken for dinner 73. God's great love 74. fingers that work 75. Grandma and Grandpa E. 76. my mom picking me up after class 77. Bonnie B. 78. long talks with Mamo on the porch after a fun day on the lake 79. my room in the basement 80. my mattress 81. the abundance of quilts that are on my bed 82. smiles from people I pass when I am having a bad day 83. the ever-present sound of music in our house... it is too quiet without it! 84. the imagination that God blessed me with to write stories 85. chocolate covered graham crackers... yummo! 86. Christmas 87. Thanksgiving Dinner 88. Easter... Resurrection Day!!! 89. church services that challenge you 90. watching God move through our church 91. that old bench in our living room that holds our outerwear... 92. when the boy sleeps for a long time at nap, and wakes up happier :-) 93. warm Sunday walks around the pond 94. the New Years Day walk through the woods with B, T, and J 95. new mittens 96. the huge Christmas tree at Papa and Mamo's cabin 97. Granny and Grandpa's Christmas feast! YUMMO!! 98. my mom's anniversary bird... if you don't know what I'm talking about, my mom bought this sweet little carved bird with long, metal legs for her and my dad's 17th Wedding Anniversary present. 99. Sam T, our church's contemporary music leader 100! Philly missions trip.... awesome... I am so excited!!!! I reached 100!! More posts later on... Blessings! Kaye