Friday, November 27, 2009

1000 Blessings List #4

With Thanksgiving just behind us, let's count our blessings. I want to try to add to this list daily, and I hope to get to 1000 within the next year... ~to see the first parts of my list, click here for the first 60, and here for 61-100~ 139. shoes 140. doctors and nurses 141. health insurance 142. col turkey, butter, and salt sandwiches 143. R speaking in full sentences 144. M plyain Battleship with me 145. gift cards 146. friends who jump up and down when you give them gifts 147. libraries 148. Christmas trees 149. R's eyes when we put up the Christmas tree and plugged in the lights! His jaw dropped and he his eyes were huge! 150. Christmas lights in the snow 151. gingerbread houses with Mamo and Grandpa and cousins...the best tradition... 151. that my dad has a job 152. lightbulbs 153. God's unfailing love and grace and mercy... 154. The peace of God that trascends all understanding Phil. 4:6-7 Happy Thanksgiving! Kaye