Saturday, December 3, 2011

the watch shop

Yesterday as I was trying to get used to the new front counter set-up, a lady walked in with three watches.
Smiling, I asked if I could help her.
She smiled back, plunked the three watches down and said, “Could you change the batteries in these?”
Having just finished a play about Corrie ten Boom and her watch shop, I found this kind of funny.
First, I had no idea how to get the backs off, so I tried a razor blade and Pop! off they came.
The batteries all looked similar, but I wasn’t sure if they were different or not.
The lady who owned the watches was off looking around, so I tried to get the batteries out with my finger nail.
After about 6 tries per watch, they all bounced out and skittered across the counter.
I snatched them up before they could roll away and headed back to batteries.
And I stood there.
Watches are tricky.
There’s about 20 different batteries that could be used, all with the same packaging, just different numbers.
Finally, after discovering the right size (and being grateful that this size would work for all 3 watches) I headed back up front.
Popped the batteries in and the lady paid and left.
I leaned my elbows on the counter register that now faced the back door.
That’s us- a full service pharmacy and watch shop.

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