Saturday, December 3, 2011

Phone Call #1

I was first introduced to this handy little tool on my second day on the job.
My friend Rebecca told me not to be nervous, and told me just to say “Good morning! Drug Store!” and let them finish off the rest.
Deep breath and I was ready to tackle the job, get it done, and do it right.
I prayed I wouldn’t sound as nervous as I felt when I picked up the receiver.
Rebecca let everyone in the pharmacy know that the next phone call was going to be picked up by me.
Smile and nod at the techs and pharmacist.
Deep breath.
Think about how you answer phones all the time at home.
So I stand back as the pharmacy and happenings spin around me.
Prescriptions filling, keys clacking away on the computer, the beep of the register.
Then the ring of the phone.
I know to let it go for one ring, then pick it up.
It rings once and I am there.
Receiver up, and I say steady, “Hello! Drug Store! How can I help you?”
A prescription refill.
I write out the name and numbers, slide it to the tech, and jump down from the pharmacy smiling.
It felt so cool.
I was floating.
Seemingly small accomplishment, I know, but it made me feel real good.
Breathe a prayer of thanks then it’s back to the register-
customers await!

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