Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just call me Ms. GPS

We were working…
Well, the store was pretty quiet and I was standing in the pharmacy chatting with the techs and the pharmacist waiting for the phone to ring.
I hear the jingle of the back door bell, so I jump down and head over to the register.
A gal who looks really lost- like- REALLY lost-comes in.
“Excuse me,” she asks in a whispery voice. “Can you give me directions to the malls?”
I hear Patricia ask which ones.
“Oh… the ones…” she pulls out a newer looking road map and tries to open it without dropping her phone or purse.
I lean forward and ask if she means the outlet malls.
“Yes! Do you know how to get there?”
Well, I have to say that I was pretty excited.
Like, crazy excited.
I could tell her how to get there.
I was getting to know my area.
Very pleased, I walked her to the front for some paper to write down the directions.
She smiles slightly, sheepishly. “I ended up in Becker when I tried to follow the map.”
That’s like 30 minutes from the malls.
I smile, and slowly talk her through the turns and roads to use while writing them on a paper.
She thanked me and read the directions and walked out.
I walked back to the pharmacy a little taller.

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