Saturday, December 3, 2011


Another first.
I had gone with Rebecca once before, her explaining very patient and me nodding alongside, trying so hard to remember everything she said.
That was two weeks ago.
Enter yesterday.
Me and Nelle working with Lizzy the pharmacist.
While walking out the door, someone calls back to us at the counter, “Don’t forget deliveries!”
I nod and start to turn back to stapling prescriptions when Nelle walks over.
“You signed up for deliveries, right?” she asks.
I freeze and stop, stapler midair. “No… I am still trying to get to know the neighborhood a little better before I do them.”
Lizzy walks over and stands behind Nelle. “Could you do them?” she asks. Nelle, eyes wide, shakes her head.
“I don’t have a car here today.”
Four eyes turn and look at me.
I start to shake my head, then realize that I am the only one who can do deliveries.
“We’ll help you!” They dive right in, pulling out the delivery basket and digging out the prescriptions with the addresses on them with me. I am so thankful but still nervous.
“Do you know where this is?” Lizzy asks, holding a large bag. I lean in to read the address.
A large assisted living complex on a lake about 3 miles away. I nod, remembering to just follow the highway right to it.
On to the next. I uncover a small bag with just the assisted living place’s name, no address.
I think hard, then remember that it is the sweet little house over the railroad tracks.
Nelle pulls out another. Another complex. I don’t remember quite where this one is.
Lizzy gives me very comprehensible directions that I totally can follow, and I move up to the register to check them in.
Four beeps later, I’m out the door.
“We close at 7!” Lizzy calls laughing, and I call back,
“I hope I make it in time!” laughing right along. I step outside,
And into the rain.
“Of course!” I laugh more and run to the minivan.
Fling in the basket, the folder, the money pouch, the pen, then start the car, and I leave.
First stop sign, I turn.
Freeze when I see it’s a dead end.
I stop, pray HARD, think HARD, and remember that to get onto the highway, I have to go up to where my church is.
Still getting used to the new area.
I arrive at the first stop, the one on the beautiful lake, a few minutes later. I smile to myself, deep breath.
The building smells of fresh flowers in the entry, and I climb the stairs to the second level. It is a gorgeous place.
Winding my way back, I find the apartment. I ring the bell.
No answer.
Wait, then ring one more time just in case she’s slow to get to the door.
Shrugging my shoulders, I head out the door.
It’s pouring.
Run to the car, hoping the folder will stay dry, and jump in.
I cruise on over to the second stop, the assisted living homes behind this complex.
Pull up to the curb, stop, and look in the basket for the prescriptions.
Start the car, drive BACK to the drug store, pick the prescriptions off of the counter, and back into the car to drive back to the house.
Grab the folder, pen, and prescription.
They are home! I drop their stuff off then I’m back in the car.
Two stoplights and a train track crossing later, I am thanking the Lord that all of these places are right off of the same highway.
I love this little house.
Flowers in the front and fun porch- I want to live here!
Grab everything and run up to the door. I see them playing cards- three beautiful ladies all dressed up in their earrings, their white hair all done up.
I knock and the nurse answers. We laugh at the rain, she signs for the perscriptions and I am again, back in the car.
Tired yet?
I was. :)
I get in, smile at the one last prescription and drive off.
Over the river and the railroad tracks, through the traffic heading north for the weekend, I am there.
I buzz at the entrance to the assisted living complex and she lets me in.
I groan at the sight of a four floor stair climb, but figure if I can run to and from the car three times in the rain, I should be ready for this.
Aching, my legs carry me all the way up, and I find her door.
I knock and a sweet “Come in!” calls.
I open the door and am hit by a wonderful smell- garlic, onions, beef frying, and tomatoes.
I smile at her, all busy in the tiny kitchen, apron on.
She grins sweet and explains that she is getting ready for her “memorial day feast!”
I say it smells so good I might have to come.
She laughs, “My family is coming to visit!”
I walk out the door, the scent of onions and garlic still following me.
I think, “If I get to see more people like her, and make them laugh- chat and just talk for a minute- share the love of Christ so simply with those I come in contact with- I‘ll gladly pay the extra in gas money.”
thankful to Him and Nelle and Lizzy for helping me,
I drive back to the drug store.
And the sun comes out.

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