Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flying Fabric and Slicing Scissors

My goodness how the time flies!

I had planned on writing about this last week, but completely forgot!

A few weeks ago, Mamo, our grandma from up north, came down to visit us in our new house. We asked if she would help us make aprons, and she said of course!

So with her help, our living room and kitchen became the Sewing Center of the Universe.


Three sewing machines,

two tables,

and an ironing board.

Plus the kitchen table with the cutting board and fabric laid out.

And let’s not forget the snack bar!

We started off good and strong at 9 am. Scissors flew and rotary cutters smoked we worked them so hard.

Papa called to check in, and seeing it was him on the caller ID, I picked up with a voice as cheery and store-like I could manage,

“Northern Sewing Center! Kaye speaking! How can I help you?”

I totally caught him off guard, and we both got laughing so hard we couldn’t talk!

R and Mom went to story hour and we cruised through the pattern, pieces slowly coming together…





After a funny reversing situation and a few machine malfunctions, we were ready for some good tunes and snacks, so L cranked up the Narnia Soundtrack and I opened the pretzels.

By about noon we were hungry so stopped for a brief lunch. We couldn’t help but be happy and smile at the piles of fabric that were slowly becoming adorable reversible aprons.


By 3, we had them all finished and paused for a photo shoot by the fireplace, boy and dog included.


Later that week, me, Mamo, and Miranda were home while L and R went with Mom to a class. During that time, we both had time to make aprons for friend’s of ours whose birthdays were coming up.

M made hers for Z, her ‘other half’ whom we all adore and count as one of the family.

When Z came over for dinner, I grabbed the girls and snapped this picture of them in their aprons…



Too cute!

Thank you so much Mamo for helping us with those aprons! We LOVE you!


(and the rest of the crew too :) )

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