Saturday, December 3, 2011

What a Weird Day… (2)

Then we moved onto problems…

from not being able to locate several extremely important slips of paper to the register refusing to capture signatures.

I just had to keep laughing, because it really was very comical if you thought about it long enough.


Another thing I am learning is that when the people who only work ‘til 1 go home, a rush inevitably follows.

In that first hour after the 1 o clock folks went home, I

-wrapped 3 (large) gifts

-searched the aisles high and low for various items

-sold quite a few large things

-hung ornaments

-answered questions

-talked on the phone every 2 minutes

-checked people out left and right, running from the front to the back frequently.


we made good business that day, but as Wilma was to say later as she locked the door, “What a weird day…”

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