Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three Days ‘Til Christmas

Sorry about the silence over this way, folks.

Here’s a quick update:

a week during the Christmas season at a glance, if you will ;)

First, DSC06639

a holiday party for work. Had a blast, ate appetizers, played Catchphrase, and chatted with family. Way too much fun!


Monday brought about a choir rehearsal- after driving in the fog (shiver)- and work… (can I tell you just how grateful I am to have a job? God is so good!)


Tuesday was a party with 50 (yes, 50!) girls at my dear friend’s house. What a blessing! Dancing, dresses, tea, and lots of glory to God. What a great day… Thanks for hosting, L family- you are all such a blessing!

PS- Longer post later :)


Wednesday was “Ding Dong(ing) Merrily on High” with the church youth group. Again, we had a blast despite the hard rain at points. And there was a great turn-out for our small church. Gotta love bell ringing…




Thursday was our party day! What a blast it was to have 19 young ladies, ages from 23 to 7, in our house. Loved seeing all of them and being able to just sit and talk. Praise God for the great time we had! (and many thank you’s to S for all the pictures!)


And Friday… we slept. :) And I just had to put this picture in because really, have you ever seen a cuter nativity scene? Z as the shepherd, R as the Little Drummer Boy, M as Joseph and L as Mary. And the dog? She was a sheep.


Merry (Early) Christmas!


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