Saturday, December 3, 2011

the graduation card

It was getting late, and my feet were starting to get sore from standing for five hours.
Leaning up against the pharmacy counter, I was able to see who came in when the door chime sounded.
Eager for something to do, I wandered down to the register to see if the bags needed refilling.
The bell chimed, and I glanced up to see a couple around 50 years of age literally bursting through the door, laughter following them in.
Big smile on my face, I watched as they giggled and laughed their way through the store to the cards.
The man said something, then the lady said the same. Back and forth they went, her copying him. She was laughing so hard and her joy was so full that everyone within hearing range had to laugh too.
She smiled at him, her glasses filled with bright eyes. “Alright… that’s enough. We have to be there soon.”
Their laughter dies down to sniffles and snickers as the peruse the graduation cards- pink ones in particular.
The man opens up a pink card with flowers and out comes a LOUD song about the future and dreams.
The lady walks up, nods and smiles. “That’s one she’ll like, though I’m not sure her mom will.”
He hands the envelope with the card in it to her, turns the corner to the aisle with the picture frames. He picks one up, looks at it intently, sets it back. On to the next.
After a minute he stands back, satisfied, and hands his wife the frame. “A picture of her will look good in that.” I am seeing their granddaughter in her graduation robe, smiling at the opera card and the frame.
“Should we give her money?” He asks, worried. I smile, thinking of my grandpapa up north.
“No…” the lady smiles at him. “We never gave the other kids any money.” He sighs, consent, then smiles at her and walks up to where I am standing at the register.
“Just this today, miss.” He’s grinning so big. “We’ve got to be somewhere tonight.”
“Really?” I ask, smiling too. All I can think is that he is just like my grandpapa. “Where are you going?”
The lady walks up, all smiles and bright eyes again.
“It’s our granddaughter's pre-school graduation.”
As soon as the bag is in hand and they are chatting out the door, I laugh.
Too cute.

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