Wednesday, December 15, 2010

thinking back


I took this picture a little over a year ago.

He had just come to stay- forever ours.

I remember joy and happiness and hard moments and love for this little boy broken already by the darkness in the world.

How he waits now for Daddy and jumps up at the sight of the door opening.

How he sits warm in my lap playing legos, looks up at us all in unexpected moments, runs up, grabs legs,

“I love you.”

And I think of how this little boy now snoozes happy in a house full of love. Of him reciting the Lord’s prayer, saying,

“For thine is da kingdom, and da power, and da glory glory glory glory!! Forever and ever, Amen!”

hands waving glory to the one who place him here, with us.

Thank you Lord! Yes! To You be all glory glory glory for putting together our family! Thank you for this wonder- this little beautiful stinker of a boy.

In your name- and all for your glory,


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