Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My last lab for chemistry was the worst of them all.

I had to use a very fun chemical- hydrochloric acid- which came with lots of those wonderful skulls and WARNINGs on the bottle.

Also… boiling cabbage to use as a pH strip… that’s all I can smell even a half hour after the experiment.

But I figured that if I was going to have to do this hard, nasty, hazardous lab, I might as well go all out.


So off I went to my (mua-ha-ha-ha!) laboratory…


which looks pretty normal until you realize…


that it’s just a wagon with a board over it sitting in my garage.

(Why was I outdoors on this chilling day? the fumes from the acid are toxic!)

I slipped on my gloves, grabbed my hazardous chemicals and went out into the garage.

The door was open, and I waved at our neighbors… what a sight I must’ve been. I looked like a crazy scientist!


I’m out there, and I try to slide on my nice green anti-hazards gloves. I pick them up and come to realize that they’ve frozen.


You heard me right.



So I go back in to warm them up so I can get them on. M takes the first picture of me, and off I go.

Mom was in stiches at this point, me walking in and out in my coat, boots, and gorgeous goggles.

The experiment went fine. The green liquid turned pink with the acid,

I measured the resistance with my handy dandy multimeter,

I stepped on a glass pipet tube (and sighed with relief that I wouldn’t have to use it after breaking it),

and went in to clean up my mess.

So today I celebrate.


because the beloved chemistry is almost over!

And I now know that my calling in life is not to be a chemist.

All that’s left to finish off the course-

a two-part, 3 hour final.

Joy to the world.

Pray for me.


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