Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh What Fun…


Yesterday was a blast as we hung up stockings, tried on Santa hats and antlers, and just laughed at the silliness of it all.

Christmas music rang loud through the background.



Then every night we gather all awe and read one more part of the amazing story as Mary finds her way round the wreath

learning and singing songs to the One who wrote and continues to write out His Son’s story in the world…



Mom made her amazing chocolate chip banana muffins that had the whole house wandering towards the kitchen.

I’m pretty sure we only have a few left…


Then this morning we went to Dad’s school and helped make a pancake breakfast for the kids.

It was so much fun!

The kids were funny, syrup fingers and happy faces,

we gave away answers to the math worksheets,

gave them extra points when my Dad wasn’t looking

(or even when he was)

so they could have a longer party later that afternoon.

Mom got them giggling and R was too cute.

Just fun. They showed us their daily routine and we talked about ours.

They guessed our ages and we guessed their names.

Oh what fun!

May this Christmas season bring you closer to Christ!


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