Saturday, December 18, 2010

Building Blocks

This week I’ve been blessed to spend some good time with my little brother. Lately, his favorite toys are building blocks, a Kemps bucket, and a wooden spoon.

So yesterday, we marched around the house, singing made-up funny songs at the top of our lungs. He on the drums, me on the electric guitar.

We’re thinking of starting a band- The Wooden Spoon.

Auditions to come soon.


After our voices had gone hoarse, we decided to build public transportation for those who are wanting to join our band.


We built helicopters…



And trains…



We talked about what he wants to drive when he gets older.

It was decided on that while he is driving his blue helicopter,

Grandpa W would the drive yellow train,

and Grandpapa could pilot the green airplane with blue polka dots.

Dad was in a race car,

I was driving a purple tractor.

L was also in a race car,

while Mom followed in her school bus.

M was driving a pink tractor, bring up the end of our caravan.

We traveled everywhere.

Our family drove to Lisa’s house,

Mamo’s house,

and “Granny’s cool basement with the toys!!!”

I think we even made it to Mars.

But after Mars, we were worn out and had to take a break for lunch-

Mac and Cheese.

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