Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Parties…

What a blessed time~

Yesterday… wow… yesterday was beautiful. A Victorian Christmas Tea, complete with parlor games, line dancing, and caroling.

Waiting expectant for the King to arrive…


My sisters and I shopped the thrift store until we had all found just the right dress/skirt to wear…


L in her coat, skirt, and wearing her great-grandma’s pin… her namesake…


proof for Mamo… yes! L fit her yard of hair up into that tight bun!


Miss M in her lovely red and black outfit… Totally her…


a rather blurry photo of myself…

a dazzling portrait of us 4 crazy kids…


Dresses twirled and young ladies danced in dresses green, white, red, blue, all wonderfully 1800s.

A friend walks in, white lace and Jane Austen and I ask how she made it. She smiles. “This dress was my great Grandma’s.”

Eyes wide amazed and I watch as 45 girls sit and drink tea and praise God.


Miss Stephani stands and we all call out names, characteristics of this God we know who loves and gives peace.

Miss Stephani writes them out, filling the window pane…


We sing carols, praise this amazing, everlasting, faithful, peace-giving, story-writing God who loves enough to give His one and only Son.

Then we walk dainty downstairs, holding skirts up to not trip, and enjoy a crazy parlor game.


a silly parlor game to make us giggle and laugh…





(the young lady in the white was the young lady with the dress that was her great grandmas… what a legacy!)

We all sat down to a delicious home-made lunch of potato soup, waffle-cone fruit bowls, and cranberry-turkey-cream cheese dainty sandwiches… and more tea and apple cider… smiles wide and hearts full of His joy.





We laugh and sing and dance and girls from 22 to 6 twirl their skirts-happy to be a girl…


Lines for dancing and we’re off!

Spinning, twirling, feeling skirts swish against your toes and the wonder of dancing fills the room to more than it can hold, and we all burst laughter at it’s fullness.


We sit, warm and joyful and blessed to be His… and the clock strikes 3…


Carriage drivers arrive in red, green, grey mini vans… the ladies depart…

Yet the love of Christ, the true desire of every heart, burns in our hearts, minds, and we rejoice.


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