Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve…


Arrived right on time after the Christmas Eve service where Granny sang out wonder at the new King, all 12 stockings filling the fireplace…


the table was already set and the snacks awaited snacking…


Family talk and cousins everywhere, the famous dill dip by Granny devoured and thinking that there was more food to come?


Giggles and shouts of THANK YOU as gifts erupted from their boxes making everyone smile




R, sleepy and behaving so well, finds a warm Grandpa lap to climb onto to watch the happenings and I wonder at this family built by relation and adoption.


One gift made the most giggles…

the Elvis ornament for Uncle Doug as it hung on Granny and Grandpa’s gold trimmed tree, fitting in perfect and squinting to find it.


Desserts came and went to stomachs happy.

We hug and wish Merry Christmas! as we swing full force of us six out the door.

The van chugs home and R sleeps in his pajamas next to me, the rest sing Christmas carols and the glory of the night fills the car.

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