Monday, November 1, 2010

What I’m Thinking of Today


So many blessings coming my way in the past few days…

ones I wanted,

and others I wonder if I could’ve done without…

but being thankful for all of them is what I’m trying to do.


watching family carve pumpkins



Chemistry tests gone bad

Mom and Dad’s wisdom and understanding about the test gone bad

a no-show showing

emails from friends in college

watching Mandie with Dad… and him predicting the whole thing! :)

lights out in the house last night

wondering how the pioneers did it with only candles

hot fudge, ice cream, and triple-chunk brownies for desert

Mission’s week at churches


bagging more fall leaves

mowing the lawn

ham for lunch…

speech class coming soon… and preparing for my first interpretative speech

cool fall afternoons on the porch


holy experience

(kaye ann silver)

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