Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Day

Today was the day prayed over, looked forward to and dreaded.

Today I was to try again to get my drivers license.

Sat up last night praying hard, reading promises hard, and taking pictures.



I snuggle down deep under my favorite quilt, still praying.

I want to pass.

I don’t like failure.

At all.

So when I failed my first driver’s test, I was seriously bummed.

But God has a sense of humor, and he knows more than I do. I now see that because of my first failure, I would be able to be more prepared for the second test.

We prayed last night as a family before I went to practice with Dad. It was dark out and cold. Quite cold. We had forgotten that the sun went down early and it was as dark at 4 as it was at 9:30.

Mom suggested the junior high parking lot, since it is lit. We got gas, went over to the lot, and set up two woogies and a Dad as markers.

Back and forth and around I swept the van through the parking lot. Parallel parking, 90 degree parking, all of that.

Came home tired and slightly worried about the parallel part of the test.

Sat on my bed, tired, but not. Read scripture, pray hard, go over everything on the test in my head more times than I can count.

Over and over I prayed, “Please, dear Jesus, let me pass!”

After about the 2,000th time, I flipped open to where I was reading.

“…for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him…”

I sigh thanksgiving and try hard to trust.

The light goes out, and the next thing I see is sunshine in the window.

Breakfast fades in and out, sisters encourage, Mom smiles, and I pray.

“for my Father knows what I need before I ask Him… Trust. Trust…”

Practice out in the street one last time before the test. Around the block, line it up, park it parallel. The traffic on our street continues, and the garbage man waves from his truck in passing. Neighbors smile and I breathe deep, murmuring the steps of paralleling to myself.

Dad says “Let’s go”, and I climb up into the seat of the big red bus.

We arrive, pull forward, smile at the elderly man in the window.

I think he was my test giver last time.

Smiling, he hands me back my permit, insurance, paperwork. His words ring clear and sure through the window.

“Now, go out there and get ‘er done!” Smiles big and waves me forward and I thank God for his encouragement.

The test giver walks up, gets in. He smiles nice and comments on how he likes Fridays, and I nod, smile, while inwardly I try and remember all the rules to driving. He talks about why I didn’t pass last time and I nod knowing, remembering my unhappiness.

Pull out, drive around a corner and there sits 4 bright flags. He nods, parallel park.

Remember thinking last time I thought I wouldn’t fit.

Breathe deep, reverse, feel wheels connect with curb, remember Dad saying, “Don’t panic! Just figure out how you’re going to fix it.”

Wheels turn hard on the pavement, and I park it parallel. Sigh with relief as the instructor tells me to pull out.

Around another corner, after the stoplight and the one-way street, four more bright orange flags sit.

90 degree back turn and park.

I pass it, stop, turn around and am astonished to see that this parking space is HUGE! The one I practiced in was 9 ft wide. This had to be at least 14!

Whip the wheel around, thanking Him for this blessing, and park it no problem.

I turn the corner, expect for him to say, “Pull up to the curb,” which is where I parked last time. He says nothing and I pass it, pulling instead into the parking lot.

He smiles, and I know.

“I’ll be happy to pass you,” he says.

Weight lifts and I soar.

I walk/run into where Dad waits, and swing the paper proud. YES!

I fill out the forms, hand shaking from holding the wheel so tight. Take picture, and walk out, this time praying



And so, friends, by the grace of God alone, I now write to you as a licensed (and relieved) Kaye Ann Silver.

May God bless you with unexpected miracles that make you soar with thanks~

In Him,

Kaye Ann

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