Monday, November 15, 2010

A Lonely Pine is Standing… In My Front Yard


a lonely pine is standing

in the north where high winds blow.


He sleeps; and the whitest blanket

wraps him in ice and snow.


(part of the poem “A Lonely Pine is Standing” by Heinrich Heine)


(above: our own not-so lonely tree blanketed in white)

Blessings after a snow filled weekend…



the crunch of boots in snow


sisters tumbling giggles into the snow

the first snowman of the season

an open house gone well

reading out of the World Literature book


L and her drawing pencils scattered across the table

M and Z, two sisters, out in the yard

Z’s pink snow pants

R’s giggle

ham sandwiches and potato chips for lunch

a messy room after a clean weekend

phone calls to Papa sick and asking for cookies

Dad shining Him at the Haiti table

camera clicking

R sliding like a penguin down the hill

Kira, my personal foot warmer


(kaye ann silver)

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