Monday, November 8, 2010


Sat in church yesterday.

We all stood to sing, then Pastor stood and gave the sermon.

Took notes, read along in Matthew 21:31-46.

The deacons stood and came to the front, Pastor read and explained communion.

The bread came around first, each of us with a name written in the book of life up in heaven taking a piece.

Bowed my head, prayed.

The music stopped and the plate with cups came around.

Leaned over to grab the plate full of little glasses of grape juice from the people on our family’s left.

Take a cup, pass the plate to L.

Done it for years, been one of His for 5 years.

Taken communion in many places.

Looked down into my lap at the cup staying steady in between fingers.

And for the first time, I think back 2000 years.

The disciples did this.

Sat with Jesus one last time before His crucifixion.

The last supper.

They too stared in awe and wonder at the God made man before them, surprised at His words to take and eat.

Jesus passed the bread and wine around to all who would partake of it.

Just like how he continually forgives and passes out grace to me, us, the people of this world.

And I bowed my head thankful for the everyday graces.

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