Sunday, July 3, 2011

what we watched tonight


I must’ve left it at Granny and Grandpa’s house, because try as I might, I couldn’t find the camera.

and of all the nights, too.

Oh well.

So then I got to thinking that maybe I could just… tell you what it was like.

You know, try and get these thoughts and mental pictures of mine into words.

So, here goes nothing.


Tonight we were all in a mess about what movie to watch. So we each went to our separate screen and watched our separate films.

At about 10 o’ clock, we found ourselves, the three girls together, standing in the kitchen, looking out the sliding glass door.

Fireworks were going up all over the town. And it was beautiful.

Pulling up our kitchen stools, we sat and watched them together.

…(enter mental photograph)… :)

L and M were perched on their stools, chatting in between the booms and sparkles. The kitchen was dimly lit, only one light on over the sink. All you could see were their silhouettes.  Outside in the middle-ground, the lot next door was cast in a green grey light by that one street lamp on the corner. Across the street and field, the Candy Land houses shone, and above them echoed out flashes of green, silver, blue and red. All so fast you could blink and miss it.

Standing behind them, I watched as they oohed and aahed at the colors and bright moments of light, then laughed.

And right then, I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

From the far distance, you would catch glimpses of color, a flash of silver then the echoing boom. On the right over slumberland some ‘whistler’ fireworks shot into the sky. People cheered across the way as 5 in a row shot up, swirled, boomed, and exploded.

I tell you, we could see the world from right there. All those fireworks being shot into the warm (hot) night, and we just sat, watching from our kitchen.

We did a quick history quiz ( ;) ) on July 4th dates, people, and places. They aced it, of course :) .

Then when the booms and crackles started to fade off, we each started to walk towards our rooms, glancing over our shoulders to get one last glimpse of the beautiful fireworks displays.


Happy 4th of July everyone!

May the Lord bless you on our Nation’s 235th Birthday!


God bless (America) !

Kaye :)

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