Friday, July 22, 2011

Three City Things to Love, Three Country Things to Love

if you were to come and ask me today about our new house, here’s what my answers would be:

Yes! God is so good!

Yes! The house is perfect for us!

Yes! The country is a beautiful place to live!

and Yes! I do miss our little city house.


It takes time to get used to things.

And though 6 months seems like a long time,

17 years of my life (aka all my life until 6 months ago) centered around this 1500 sq foot home base.

So what do I miss about it?

The charm.



The easy access.


the memories tucked in every corner.


But do you want to know something?

I love this new house of ours.

It is so us…

so me.

While being three minutes from shopping, I am also a window away from farm country.


I can have the beauty of living near a farm, watching corn grown, seeing silos at sunset,


and still be 15 feet from a neighbor, a community of homes with street lights.


Because God is good.

And I couldn’t have written this story myself,

and am thankful each day that He is eternally in charge and trustworthy- so trustworthy.

So I follow,

watching the trees like shadows against a dusk sky, the silos standing guard over the jungles of corn, and the sun peeking through one last time under the incoming clouds,

and the bright white lights from the outlet mall signaling the Mother Ship to land.


May God bless your today friends-


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