Friday, July 8, 2011

Saturday Links- 7/9/11

hello! on most saturdays I try and send out a collection of links for stories/pictures/fun sites to check out. enjoy!


~The Importance of Family: what He gives in the Dark: This story just made my day. Ann tells her story of when the lights go out on a pig farm and God’s faithfulness...

~ Thai Coffee Art: How fun! Maybe you could try this with your cup of coffee this morning?

~ Note to Self: :) For all you photographers out there… keep your flashes away from candles. :) Too funny…

~ The Company we Keep: Super sweet story about all this family in Maine is doing with their bees, chickens, cats!

~ Confessions of a Wordaholic: to all those who read the dictionary, Jasmine Baucham is a lot like you! Love her stories…

~ Please Don’t Say This to Me: yes yes yes yes YES! please don’t say this to me either- Jasmine Baucham gets this one right on- and I have to TOTALLY agree- please don’t say this to me.



blessings dear friends!

kaye ann

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