Monday, July 18, 2011

dear Mamo,

It was great seeing you and Mrs. T when you came to visit on Friday. Loved seeing you both, and thanks for helping me figure out the fabric I needed to use for the dress I’m making- you always seem to know what to do with sewing patterns, and I am very thankful for you sharing your wisdom. And yahoo! I have almost finished the dress!

I hope you have a great time up north where (hopefully) the weather is less sweltering.

And thanks for those cookies.

They are almost gone.

There are only three left.

Well, actually,

(wipe crumbs off of desk)

there are only two now.



So I have written this letter as a request.

And though it presents the danger of increasing the cookie consumption in this house, I will take the risk…


and ask if you could pretty please send me the recipe?

your risk-taking granddaughter (smile),


(to be continued… :) )

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