Monday, July 18, 2011

sunshine and blessings


thanking Him in the high heat today…


R’s birthday at Granny and Grandpa’s, swimming!


sparklers on the back patio


R riding his new BLUE scooter from Granny and Grandpa- so excited…


Mamo and Mrs. T laughing in our kitchen

Granny and Grandpa over for dinner and a few games of soccer

the car being alright after rolling down the street a bit :)

air conditioning when the heat index hits 115

this play and all the work that is going into it

Abbie’s directing skills

all of the gals laughing and giggling in the serious parts of the play, because really this is too funny

visits from pastors and visions for the church

A Final Farewell- what me and L are tuning into today

soccer field built right next door- heaven for younger siblings


this sunflower that I keep watching out the back window, its face always turned towards the Sun and I think why can’t I do that more? my face turned towards the Son?




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