Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Beach Ball- Mamo Camp Day 1

My sisters and cousins spent the last week up north at our grandparents’ cabin on the lake. It is such a blessing to have grandparents that are willing to take all 5 of us, ages ranging from 5 to 17! This was my 11th year of what we call “Mamo Camp” after my grandma, and what a week we had!

Over the next couple of days or so I hope to let you in on what we did that week through some pictures, stories, and funny happenings over here. Enjoy!


After the anxious wait and drive up, we were there- the lake. Unloading began, and giggles were already erupting around the front porch as we considered what to do to start off our week.

A vote taken, me and Grandpa went to set up the new-old net to play some Badminton and volleyball in the front yard while the rest went to start up scooters, bikes, and rollerblades.

Mamo went in to find the new beach ball she had purchased, and handed the box out to my sister M, who ran down to the garage to ask Grandpa to pump it up with his air compressor.

Not long after that, a crowd had gathered in the garage to watch the unveiling.



Me and Mr. Fisher, who had just arrived from down the street, tried to figure out the net while the air compressor screeched and growled from the garage, where exclamations of amusement and thrill continued to punctuate through the noise.

Just as we had put the final stakes in the ground, I hear a shout of joy- “IT’S HUGE!”


What Mamo had perceived to be a regular sized beach ball had morphed into a multicolored extreme beach ball that could have crushed small children.

But oh my was it fun to play volleyball with…


T-man, the youngest cousin at 5, was so funny to watch as he ran with it- he could have fit inside!





The game progressed and teams were made, but no score kept other than who had been able to bounce it up in the air the longest.

What a great start to the week.


More to come later…

Kaye Ann

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