Monday, July 25, 2011

blessings abound up north this week...

so many blessings this week as I spend the time up at my grandparent's house...
God's beautiful creation never ceases to amaze me...

Counting the dozen blessings of a week away...

perfect lake weather- warm and breezey- not hot at all
fishing off the dock... well, watching my sisters and cousins fish :)
bike rides to explore and giggle and think about the 11th Annual Mamo Camp
fuzzy warm golden retrievers on my feet at dinner
watching the tacos disappear from the pan at dinner
homemade strawberry pie... YUM! (recipe to follow...)
taking way too many pictures
dancing to the hamster dance song at breakfast from the card mom sent to Grandpa- de de dee da dee dee do do!
baseball, tag, and just plain fun at the park in town after a bikeride
1 liter water bottles from the SA across the street from the trail start
talking with Mamo on the balcony/porch of the boathouse
prayer in the early morning hours, listening to the wind in the trees...
this lake... how blue it can get!
imagining the lake in 4 months- frozen solid

loving the lake life this week...

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KarenW said...

Tacos and strawberry pie! Sounds delicious.