Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Happiness

Okay- I have a few goals for this new year of 2010 that starts tomorrow. I was wondering if you had any as well. I know that I find it kind of hard to have resolutions, so I prefer to call them goals. Here are a few of mine: ~ learn how to make homemade jelly ~have a few plants of my own in the garden come summer ~read 10 new books (that new part is hard for me since I usually find myself rereading rather than exploring new books) ~finish that red and blue t-shirt quilt (darn it I can never find time or the umph to do it) So yeah. Those are a few of my goals. Oh- a good friend of mine has a couple of goats and chickens and such, and well, I know nothing of the sort of raising any kind of farm animals. So I think that I am at least going to try and learn how to milk a goat or cow, and feed chickens and whatnot. Maybe you could help me, HL? See Ya and Happy New Year!!! ...2010... man, I'm getting old... Kaye