Saturday, December 5, 2009

1000 Blessings List #5

Two nights ago, I went to a Christmas party for mom's and daughters and it was simply amazing. 75 young ladies and their moms all sang Christmas hymns, ate lots of fun food, and simply enjoyed each other's company for a few hours. I loved when we sang songs together, all of us praising God for his gift of Christ this Christmas.
168. My friends who understand the true reason of Christmas
169. pomegranite seeds...yummo... (pomegranite... did I spell that right? Let me know...)
170. My dear friends from PWHG: Nicole L.
171. Holly H.
172. Rachel C.
173. Natalie K.
174. God's protection and the safety He gives us
175. the Christmas party on Dec. 3rd... Thanks, Lundy Family!
176. 75 young ladies singing hymns loud and clear... one of the prettiest sounds ever
177. light snow falling... like being inside of a snowglobe
178. R running up to me, smiling big, eyes wide, saying "Love You!" and hugging my legs... love that kid... he almost made me cry...
179. L's fuzzy socks that she got at the party... so cool
180. M in her beautiful new white dress... she is so pretty...
Thanks for reading!
Merry Christmas!