Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Wild

Last night was another adventure.

Because whenever we go anywhere with Dad, whatever it is, whether planned or unplanned, it’s an adventure.

And they are awesome.

We live close to the cities, and those of you who know me know how close we are to the big city. 

Snow started last night around 3. Dad came home, all of us excited.

Loaded into the car around 5… to go sit on 394 for 45 minutes just to get to the 94 ramp.


Snow keeps falling and cars were crawling. We rejoiced when the speedometer hit 10.

Got a cool pic of the city coming into downtown, where we headed to a street that hopefully would be faster than sitting forever on 94.


Sat some more in downtown, called Mom.

1 hour.

Usually, my dad can get downtown in 3 minutes.

Not tonight.

The clock ticks 6.

We urge the traffic back on 94 now, just go 10!

No such luck.

But we have fun all the same. Heater on full blast as the snow falls down to keep the windshield ice free, and the windows down to cool us off.

Around 6:15, a sign says 30+ minutes to the 35W ramp.

That’s close to where we’re going.

Oh well.

The ramp comes into sight at 6:45, and we are hopeful that we’ll make it- we might make it- by 7.

We sit.

15 minutes.

On an off ramp.

Oh well.

Dad has to go, so we run into a Sears, and hear the puck hit 6 blocks away, the clash of sticks.

7 o clock.

At 7:15, we’re parked 4 blocks down, run like crazies- like Wild- to the shining stadium.

Make it by 7:30, and are wowed.

The Wild.



No matter that we missed the first period- we don’t care one bit. 10 rows from the ice, nothing is cooler than the flying skates, the sticks slapping, the puck flies and we duck.



Zambonis fill the rink, and we laugh. Who cares that it took us 2 hrs and 10 mins. We’re here, and it’s a blast.

The 2nd period starts with a crash- literally- as an Avalanche hits the wall.

I snap pictures.


Brave player lifted off the ice, and we all watch as the game goes on in the state of hockey.


We are losing bad. Playing horrible. But that’s okay. The poor goalie- a new guy- tries hard to hold his own with the 2 real ones out on injury.


We wince with him as they score again.

The mini donuts come around, and we buy two.

Kind of a tradition with us. Go to a game, get mini donuts.



The game goes on.




The stands all chorus as they attack the goal, the Avalanche goalie flies like lightning, blocking every shot.

Then the crowd is on their feet, and the fog horn goes off.


We cheer on the Wild, the lights go crazy, and the music is loud.

What a blast.


We walk around the center fast, not nearly as big as the stadium, but awe filled none the less, filled with the memories of MN miracles…


I smile at this golden medal to the coach of the miracle team- college kids winning the gold against the biggest team in the world.


This ten year old hockey team, rising from the memories of the golden Northstar days, and though not the best,

they are the state of hockey’s team,

so we cheer.

Even when

in the 3rd period

the puck slides

slow motion

across empty ice

into an empty net.



The cathedral shines in the dark, the snow still falls, and we laugh the whole way.

Thank you to the people who gave us the tickets to the game! Thanks for letting us go see the WILD.

We had a blast!

and how long it took us to get home?

20 minutes.

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