Friday, January 21, 2011

Coldest Days

Today is perhaps the coldest day that our state here in the north will see this year.

Frost clings to every door that leads outside- cold, crusty on the windows, especially that back door.


I let the dog out, shut the door. But I can’t see. The frost coats the window heavy.

My fingers shiver and quake on the ice as I swirl fingers, melting the frost.


I peek through the hole made and see that tree.


The one with L’s chair and M’s ladder and adventures written on every branch.

I look closer, and laugh at God’s wonders.

Buds are growing on the tree limbs.


I let the shivering dog in, and look at all our other maple trees- those stubborn ones that won’t drop their leaves til the first snow.


Each one has those small signs of green spring and warm rain and leafy skies.

On the coldest day of the year, the trees in our yard start to bloom.


I think of how God does the same thing.

In the coldest days of our lives,

He grows us, draws us ever closer to His love, and makes us bloom.


And I thank Him.


Somewhere a bird starts to sing.

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