Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Ordinary

Dear Friends…

I apologize for my silence web-wise the last week or so. Been doing a lot of thinking and praying… wondering and pondering… getting into the swing of a new year, new semester with school, figuring out house stuff…

And, to tell you the truth, the reason I didn’t post anything new was… well… I couldn’t find anything to photograph.

I like to do pictures with my posts… and just couldn’t find anything interesting to take pictures of.

So friends, here comes the ordinary… and each actually, now that I think of it, has a story.

God has truly blessed and provided for me and my family beyond what I could have imagined. He provided us with a cute rambler to live in for 17 years, and now we move out into a beautiful two-story in… wait… 40 days!

So I took a walk around the house, clicked a few pictures of the ordinary for me, but maybe interesting for you?

(and counted each as a blessing for this week…)


546. The Shelves…

one of the things about this little cottage I’m really going to miss… Papa built these for my mom a few years back- floor to ceiling shelves for the kitchen, meant to hold cookbooks, school books, legos…


547. the myriad of packing supplies lying around the house… phew! Tape, scissors, boxes, oh my! But soon… oh so soon… to be replaced by UNpacking supplies!


548. R’s trains all over the house… on the couch, on the bookshelves, down the stairs, and their sweet reminder of what God gave us a little over a year ago…


549. Mom’s plants scattered across the house… something green!


550. Mom’s crock in the living room…


551. books of mine scattered all across the room


552. the caterpillar pot… a gift from Aunt Shannon to L on her last birthday… makes me smile each time I see it!


553. Grandpa E’s window boxes… another one of the things that we are really going to miss at the new house… He made these for my mom a few years back, and she loves them so much! But a few months ago he sent us a flag pole that he had made too… maybe that will go up in the front lawn of the new house…

554. Oh, the quirky things about the house… sticky light switches,

555. the notes to each of us from mom written in the closets,

556. the great big wood fireplace in the basement,

557.  the neighborhood, the friendships built up over 17 years,

558.  the stories of our family written all over each and every inch of the house…

these things I will miss.

But I know that God,  in his great merciful love an favor has blessed and granted us this new house for such a time as this. He has bigger plans than we do for that new house, for our new neighborhood, our new land and pond…

And I can hardly wait to see what He does with it all.



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