Friday, January 14, 2011

Not Me

If there was a time when you read a post of mine that seemed to draw attention to me instead of Him- please, will you forgive me?

Two days ago, I was ready to check out of the blog world.

Conviction cut deep and made me re-examine my motives for blogging. It was painful to see my human desires for fame and praise. But it was good.

He worked on my heart for a few days- let me see what I would become if I followed after the world and not Him.

Wednesday night, youth group at church.

The speaker stood up and spoke- and it hit me hard. Fear of the Lord vs. fear of man- Pursuing the lord, or running after the world.

So I prayed, read, and meditated. Here’s what God reminded me:

All glory goes to Him.

Not me.

I am no better than the next person, and if not for Christ, I wouldn’t be sitting here today- he is the only way I have life.

God has given me certain gifts that I am to use for his fame and glorification- not mine.

I can take pictures- but who created the flowers, trees. sky, birds, people that I photograph?

God did.

I can write- but who gives my fingers the ability to type, my mouth to speak, and my brain to conjure?

God did.

Not me.

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