Monday, January 3, 2011

Marathon to Peace

Sometimes fear sneaks in and I hardly have time to catch it before it starts whispering.


Fear snuck today, and I had to turn and run fast because the devil sure does know how to get me spinning,

and only the one who knows my heart and mind and has faced down the devil and death can face the fear for me.

I run fast to peace and I grab hold and swear that I won’t let go of that cross.

And when doubts linger about faith and I turn fast to the word that was and is and is to come, and I have to trust in His grace…

and that takes faith, of which I am sure that I don’t have nearly a mustard seed.

I have to trust and run and believe that YES! grace is sufficient for me and it is by the glorious grace of God that I’m saved from that fear through my all smaller than a mustard seed faith and not by anything else that I could do- good works, kindness-anything.

Only by grace.

And this two-by-four hits, and I wince grateful.

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