Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Surprises…


This morning after arriving home from church, Dad discovered that we had a visitor last night…


His footprints led all the way around our house from the garage to our front walk way. They were all lined up, and the back tracks stepped on the front tracks.

Any ideas?

Dad leaned in close to get a good look at the tracks while M ran for the nature book, all of us standing in skirts, 7 degrees, looking at these perfectly placed prints.

After a careful deduction of tracks and size, (and M teasing me about a coyote walking around), we came to a conclusion.

A red fox!

How funny that of all the places for one to walk around he chose a first ring suburb!

Laughing at the wonderful surprises the first few days of the new year have brought…


awed at God working in wondrous ways-finding us a new house!

surprised by foxes in the front yard

surprised in church by an anonymous gift card to the grocery store, which ended up being worth twice the amount written on the card when scanned at the register! Thank you, Anonymous! God bless you for your kindness!

R, L, M, me dancing around in capes and cowboy hats

Betsy’s laugh in our living room

Mamo’s candle log in the fireplace


God’s clear guidance

Light sabers and star wars reenactments

packing boxes to move to, as R calls it, “The New BIG house” (!!!)


Apollo 13 with Daddy on New Years Eve, then

Andy Griffith black and white until the clock struck 12

dreaming with L and M about the new house


K. B.’s Reepicheep real estate rescues… ;-) we are very thankful for you!

Christmas… and peace…

a blessed year full of Christ’s plan…2010

kaye ann

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