Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Another week is well under way, and I woke up this morning just thinking and I jumped when I realized that my goodness it was Wednesday and I hadn't posted my blessings yet.

Week in News Flash:
Monday: busy busy busy
Tuesday:  me and my sisters had a 'tasteless tea' party (since none of us like tea, we had water in fancy cups!) and we all dressed up like Jane Austen characters. It was a lovely tea I, Jane Bennet, had with Emma Woodhouse and Elinor Dashwood.
today: we were at church packing boxes to ship to Haiti. There were boxes and boxes and more and more boxes! Amazing!

#280- 294
M and Z dancing at church

50! rubbermaid bins ready to go to Haiti

Ms. Dee Dee's smile

R having a great time at playgroup

hundreds of tiny cream bottles for little hands in Haiti

laughing when we realized that the box we packed up and still need to put stuff in is buried at the bottom of the pile

'tasteless tea' with my sisters

dressing up as Jane Austen characters

using beautiful tea cups from the party again

R's new haircut! oh so cute!

lilacs blooming

my I (pretzel picture) Philly shirt

wearing my daddy's vest :)

two big brown hispanic 4-year-old eyes and smile when I spoke to her in Spanish

~May the Lord bless you this week~

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