Monday, April 19, 2010

Ask Me About Sponsorship

Quite a few years ago, my family decided to choose a child through Christian Childrens fund to sponsor. She is just a year younger than me, and she is from Bolivia. I loved that I could write to her in spanish and she would write back. Now, she is almost 16 and has many siblings. She sends pictures of her where she is smiling so big and holding a new pair of shoes or clothes, or whatever she was able to buy that month.

On our fridge, there are pictures of her from when we first chose her to now, and I am amazed at how she has grown!

When my dad turned 37 years old, my mom and sisters and I wanted to do something new and special that would mean a lot to him. We thought about it and prayed, then my mom told us that we could sponsor another child for him.

I was excited! We jumped online to World Vision and chose a child. Since we were all girls and we already sponsored the young girl in Bolivia, we chose a boy from Kenya. His little picture popped up and we all instantly fell in love with his. He is a Hope Child who lives in an area of Kenya that is severely affected by AIDS. His small smile and little overalls stole our hearts, and we chose to sponsor him.

When my dad opened his gift and saw that little face, I believe it made his day. The little boy was only 4 at the time, and just slightly younger than my sister M.

For six years now, we have recieved letters and pictures of this little boy who is now almost 11 and much taller than he was when we first started to sponsor him.

It makes our day to recieve letters and hand-drawn pictures of him all the way from Kenya. His picture are right next to the girl from Bolivia's on our fridge, and every time we walk in the door, they are one of the first things we see.

After reading A Hole in Our Gospel by the president of World Vision, I was again reminded of the many children in the world who are without food, water, clothing and resources to get them out of the life of poverty. The $35 a month that you could give them through sponsoship would literally help lift them and their families out of poverty.

I was convicted lately about how many 'loaves' I have been given. Jesus asked his disciples when He fed the 4,000, "How many loaves do you have?" They gave Him what they had, and He multiplied it to feed 4,000 men (that's not including women and children!)

I have been given much. I have many 'loaves'. I have been homeschooled and raised in a Christian home. I have a lot of time to spare during my day, and the resources to make a difference. So why wasn't I making a difference?
I went online, back to World Vision, and searched their site for something- anything- that I could do.

Lord, just show me something.

I came to page where it describes hosting a party to raise awareness of the great need that children have, and to ask people to seriously consider sponsoring a child. God poked me.

Got it.

I sent the link to my mom and dad. My mom read my mind! I was standing by the door just about to ask when she looked over and said, "You'd like to host a party, wouldn't you?" I started to cry because yes, I really did.

My mom knows me well.

So we are planning a party to help the kids who are hurting. To help more little smiling boys in Africa and laughing girls in Bolivia.

Look for an invitation to the party coming in June/July!

Lord Jesus, I pray right now that you would take and use the loaves that I have. Use me to spread your good news of salvation from sin. Give me Your courage to do what You've asked.
In Your Name and to YOU be the glory!


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