Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Swimming- Mamo Camp Day 3 (pt. 5) :)


After a day kayaking, racing, and enjoying some DQ, we decided that the final touch would be to paddle and pontoon out behind the island and enjoy a while enjoying the lake.


I had decided not to go swimming and spend some time floating in the kayak…



However, I only lasted about 10 minutes when there were suddenly splash bombs and water balloons flying, and in I went.


The dogs weren’t too happy about this whole idea of not being able to touch, so after a while they landed up on the boat. Maggie-tude didn’t want to come out of the water- she is so funny! She doesn’t like not being able to see all of her kids. So for the first time ever, she climbed up onto the back of the pontoon- on guard and her eye on each of us.



Perfect end to a busy day at the lake…

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