Saturday, September 10, 2011

ten years to the day

I can see the front of the brick school, the flag hanging motionless in front of the doors.

My mom was standing right outside those doors, waiting for me.

I asked, only a first grader, why she was picking me up instead of me riding the bus home.

She shook her head slow, and said, “Planes crashed into some buildings today, and I wanted you to be home with me.”

I nodded, not really understanding, just happy to be with mom.

The TV was on all afternoon and late into the night- my dad came home fast from school.

I remember lots of tears all over the nation, hearing and recognizing the man they called President Bush asking for prayers- many prayers.

It was the day that our nation fell to its knees.


And today we remember-

10 years later.

And I pray that our nation would again seek and find the God that we sought so fervently that day-

and realize just how marvelous and beautiful and patient and saving He is.

That His promise then is still true today-

‘I will never leave you, nor forsake you…’

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