Thursday, September 29, 2011

Autumn Blaze

I wake up early this morning, stumbling out of my loft to close the window.
Wind advisories are a big deal when you live out here.
It doesn’t merely mean a little breeze, but gale force winds that rip across cornfields and bounce off of house, tear through trees and send vertical rain horizontal until it comes in under the front door.
Thankfully, there was no rain with this wind, just the swishing of amber leaves waving and praising the Creator, who is worthy to be praised.
The sun creeps out and then blazes, full glory, onto the bright colors of fall come in fast. And me, my hair still dripping from the morning shower, I whip out that purple scarf and run to the basement.
That purple scarf that grandparents who know me so well smiled when I picked it up at Penney’s and said, “You want that one?” And I smiled and nodded, stretching my box to include a purple scarf with tassles and sparkles and different hues of purple.
On my way down to the basement, I slide on mom’s clogs, the ones that my heels hang off of now, the ones I usually wear out and Mom comes out, stocking footed and asking where in the world are those clogs? And I smile because she knows it’s me.
I dig around until the camera turns up, and I grab that smiley dog of mine and we go out into the gale.
The wind takes my long, now tangled hair and whips it in circles. I see that the little Autumn Blaze maple is living up to it’s name- all ablaze with the wonders of fall and pointing strait up to the Creator.
The pond is clear now, the wind blowing all the green muck away, blowing away the stink and mire, leaving the surface clean and clear, brilliantly blue.
I snap pictures and tyr to capture the moments of fall blowing in, but the wind, it moves the trees and the water and the leaves so that all I see is a blur of glorious red and blue.
After a while I end up back in that tall house, climbing the first of 31 stairs, and I hear mom call down as the phone chirps, “Let it ring!”
And it echoes from sister to sister, “Let it ring!”
Yes- let the glory of the Lord ring from the mountains and valleys and let it ring in the rustling leaves and on the waters. For good and great is the Lord- he who made it all now calls it all to praise, and it echoes across this farmfield, and I hear.


Eli said...

What a great visual picture you paint!

Melissa said...

The imagery is beautiful and I could feel the wind but I would have loved to see one of those blurred pictures!