Monday, August 8, 2011

Out on the Water- Mamo Camp Day 3 (pt. 1)

My sisters, cousins, and I spent the last week up north at our grandparents’ cabin on the lake. It is such a blessing to have grandparents that are willing to take all 5 of us, ages ranging from 5 to 17! This was the 11th annual running of what we call “Mamo Camp”.

And what a week we had!

Over the next couple of days or so I hope to let you in on what we did that week through some pictures, stories, and funny happenings over here. Enjoy!


A cool morning provided us with the perfectly wonderful opportunity to spend some time out of the house and onto the lake.


For as long as I can remember, my family has enjoyed canoeing together around the bay where my grandparents live, and up and down the surrounding lake shore. We are very blessed to have grandparents with 2 canoes- enough for our whole crew to be out on the water at once.

The camera got dragged along on this outing as well. Actually, it would be dragged around all week- with over 500 pictures taken with it (I promise not to share all of them here… :) ).

Mamo took our group shots for us throughout the week, and they all turned out so well! She is an up-and-coming photographer, that grandma of mine!

Here is our “We just LOVE canoeing” picture…


And our “We will conquer the great waters of the north because we know what we’re doing!” picture…


or well… maybe not….



We divided up into the two canoes… me, L, and Jay in the green one and Mamo, Miss M, and T-man in the other red one. Both canoes had been “woogied” to rid them of all spiders and hitch-hiking bugs to prevent falling into the lake should a small person see them :).



After docking at the shoreline after our canoe ride, me and L took out the kayaks and hit the lake. It was so much fun to be out with just L on our ride. We took turns passing around the camera (very carefully) between the two kayaks and got some crazy photos of each other… just being sisters…

here’s two of our photos that look like they’re from “Lake Country Magazine” :)…



And then the two that will show up at our graduation open houses and weddings one day…



L and me got laughing so hard I almost tipped my kayak over. WAY too much fun was had…


We could have stayed out there all morning, the sun at our backs and the cool water under our fingers, but then our stomachs grumbled…


and it was a dash to lunch.


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